INVITATION TO AUTHORS We specialize in publishing Sports, Physical education, Yoga, Educational and Competitive books, we also have specifically dedicated teams academic, and text books. We have highly qualified designers who help create handbooks for businesses and educators too. KSK Publishers is a one stop shop for all the publication requirements. Our experienced and extremely professional team members help you get a good handle on expectations, timelines, and budget, besides taking care of all your publication needs like editing, cover design, compilation, book beautification, ISBN and marketing assistance to make sure you achieve the success you deserve. Our international platforms like Amazon help our authors get worldwide recognition. With over 2500+ titles KSK stands as one of the fastest growing self-publishing platforms in India. We are always pleased to hear proposals from authors for new book,We help authors like you, to get published. We convert your manuscript to a published book. We handhold you through all the steps of becoming a published author. We provide on-demand author copies to you at the most resonable price across the publishing industry. We format and proofread your manuscript, help you with cover design, get the ISBN number and publish your book. We send 10 author copies to your address We have a passionate team of book cover designers, proofreaders, editors, and marketers to help you. Proposals are invited to publish manuscripts from both new and established authors for publishing PhysicalEducation & Sports, Educational, Competitive and General books etc. We try to take special care by producing books elegantly on quality paper,binding, accurate proof reading, moderation standard. We offer excellent terms including lump sum royalty. We always value quality material and bring the publication in shortest possible time. We have Published over 2500 titles by renowed academicians,scholars and institutions over a period of two decades.We always value quality material and bring the publication in shortest possible time.Our books are easily available at all leading book-stores countrywide. In case, you have any difficulty in reaching them, you can contact us directly.

--KSK Publishers--

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